The Transformers star has teamed up with his frequent collaborators Nastja Sade Ronkko and Luke Turner and he is giving fans an opportunity to take him for a ride. Using the #TakeMeAnywhere website or, Shia will post his coordinates and allow fans to track him down and pick him up.

The project has already taken the 29-year-old to Lyons, Colorado, where he had lunch with a group of five friends.

"He was talking about his upbringing and how he was raised by a single mother," Denver artist and musician Brandon Glanton says. "To have everyone sitting down there, having lunch with him, it was so cool that he was so receiving. He was more humble than you can ever imagine."

"(When we were talking to him) he kept referring to himself as a mirror," he adds. "He was saying that if he's a mirror that puts out good, then good will reflect back to him."

While Shia acknowledges the summer stunt could be dangerous if he accepts a lift from the wrong stranger, he insists it is unlikely he will get harmed.

"He said, 'I just don't think that's going to happen'," Denver cinematographer Daniel Rachlitz says. "He said people could be violent or crazy, but he's not worried about it."

And while Shia, who has just returned from the Cannes Film Festival in France, often hits the headlines for his bizarre behaviour and odd stunts, Rachlitz praises the actor for his down to earth attitude.

"Sometimes when you meet your heroes, you're disappointed when you meet them, but not Shia," he adds. "He was just an amazing guy. He was so receptive and conversational. I think he's a true artist."