The Transformers star completed a court-ordered alcohol treatment program last month (Mar15) as part of his punishment for a disorderly conduct conviction stemming from his arrest in the Big Apple last year (14).

LaBeouf spent six months receiving treatment for a drink problem, and he opened up about his road to recovery during a question and answer session at the New York film event on Thursday to promote a new documentary called LoveTrue, which he executive produced and financed.

The actor compared the rehab exercises he took part in to acting classes, telling the audience, "You do this kind of operatic therapy, where you go in and sit with your small little group, three or four people, and you work through your s**t. Somebody will play your father, somebody will play your mother, and there's literally like an action/cut thing and you go all the way there. For me, it's like method acting... The only way you can actually have something like that go on is when everyone agrees that that's what the reality is."

LaBeouf, 28, was arrested for disrupting a Broadway performance of Cabaret and tussling with police officers outside the theatre. He later pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct.