Mario Licato posted a selfie on Instagram this week (beg25Apr16) showing the black eye he sustained after he was punched in the face as he left the subway in Manhattan, New York. According Mario, the random attacker yelled out, "This happened because you look exactly like Shia LaBeouf."

Days later Shia got in touch with him by leaving a voicemail on Mario's work cell phone apologising for what happened, saying he felt bad for the incident and wished he could be in New York to help Mario out.

"He was like, "Hey, this is Shia LaBeouf… I just read an article that you were punched in the face because you look like me?" Mario tells "And he was like, "'aw, man. That sucks. I'm so sorry. But I get it. It's happened to me before.' And then he was like, 'I don't know. I wish I was in New York. I'd come bring you soup.'

"He was just like, 'This sucks. I don't even know what to say. I'm sorry. People are just crazy. Just because you look like me?'"

The Transformers star, who has become more known for his performance art and run-ins with the police than his films in recent years, gave his phone number to Mario and asked him to get in touch so they could chat and "giggle" over the incident.

Shia ended the message by saying, "'And once again, this is Shia LaBeouf, the guy you got hit for looking like. And yeah, man, I'm sorry. I'm just really sorry... Keep your head up, G.'"

Mario said the actor sounded "bummed and genuinely really bad". He also added he is waiting to finish a work project before he calls him back.