When Iceland band Sigur Ros asked a dozen filmmakers to make a video for a song from their latest album 'Valtari,' they may not have been expecting any of them to star Hollywood royalty. That's exactly what they got, though, when film maker Alma Har'el asked Transformers star Shia LaBeouf to feature in the video for Fjogur Piano, along with actress Denna Thomsen.
The racy video, which includes scenes of nudity, revolves around Shia and Denna playing the roles of a destructive couple, caught in a spiral of destruction. The Wall Street Journal describe it as "more of a dream sequence than a narrative. LaBeouf's character, unshaven and with long hair pulled back, trashes a bedroom, weeps and scars his lover. He also dances with her, using jagged, gestural movements." Speaking about the video, its director, Har'el said "The things you can't say in words are best said in dance. (the video) is about addiction to drugs, or sex, or anything-and how you get stuck in a cycle. For me, it's about not knowing how to get out of something without causing pain to somebody else."
Sigur Ros asked twelve film directors to each choose a song from their album and make a video for it. Each director was given the same budget of $10,000 and complete creative freedom. No direction was given from the band at all.