Shia LaBeouf was thrilled to meet astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the red carpet at the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon premiere - until he realised the spaceman had no idea who he was.
Aldrin has a cameo in the blockbuster, but the actor wasn't on set the day he showed up and he didn't meet the second man on the moon face-to-face until the premiere.
He says, "I'm standing in front of this 80ft poster and I'm on the poster and I go up to him and I'm really shy and I go, 'Hey, Mr. Aldrin, it's nice to meet you,' and he goes, 'Who are you son?' And he wouldn't, like, engage me right away. The publicist worked it out."
But LaBeouf was so nervous to meet the astronaut, he fears he let himself down with bad questions: "I asked him, like, two or three questions and none of them were interesting. I was mad (really) embarrassed."