The man who was acquitted of stalking Sheryl Crow in 2004 insists he has no regrets about ending up in court, because the American justice system proved its worth. Ambrose Kappos, who is being treated for bi-polar disorder, was arrested in October 2003 after he was seen lingering around Crow's limo and dressing room when she played New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom. Kappos had already visited the ALL I WANNA DO singer's family in Missouri and Tennessee, and he believed they communicated telepathically, and that she wanted to marry him. Kappos was shown in court not to be a threat to Crow's safety - instead he was trying to win her heart romantically - and he is grateful to the judicial system for vindicating his reputation. He tells the New York Daily News, "The system exists for a reason, and from my perspective the system works. "It's there to distinguish between the true criminals and those who, because of their kooky ways, might appear to be criminals. "I'm glad a jury of my peers was able to see I was an honourable man trying to court a good woman, maybe in a kooky way."