Sheryl Crow has released a tribute single to mark the fifth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

The 55-year-old singer has teamed up with Sandy Hook Promise - a national non-profit organisation that was set up by grieving family members who lost loved ones in the massacre in 2012 - to record a track titled 'The Dreaming Kind' to remember the 20 students and six teachers who were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012.

Speaking to People about the track, the 'If It Makes You Happy' musician said: ''I have the same experience everyone does - complete and total devastation and disillusionment.''

And Sheryl has revealed her partnership with the charity, which strives to prevent gun violence, gave a ''purpose'' to her writing.

She added: ''It seemed to give purpose to my writing.

''When Sandy Hook happened, we knew it was a life-changing moment where we were going to address the idea that not everyone should be approved to own a gun, especially military-style weaponry and yet, nothing happened. At some point, the alarm clock has to go off and we have to wake up.''

'The Dreaming Kind' also features Sheryl's 12-year-old niece Ava on the record, as well as her nephews Bradley, 19, and Chase, 17, and the artist believes the insertion of her relatives ''very innocent'' vocals makes the single ''pure and very touching''.

Sheryl said: ''She's still very innocent and very wide-eyed. Her voice is pure and very touching. She came over, she sang it four times and it was perfect.''

And Sheryl believes she will have to explain to her sons Levi, seven, and Wyatt, 10, whys he penned the song, and also educate them about crime and that it can also take place in school as well.

She said: ''I'm going to have to explain to them that at school, before this, it was place you went that was safe. I'm sure it will be a conversation that we will continue to have for as long as this is happening.''

'The Dreaming Kind' is available to download at now, which will see every $1 raised goes towards training one student or adult to identify when someone is a danger to others or themselves, and they will also learn how to intervene to prevent any gun violence.