Sheryl Crow doesn't think she would have succeeded as a music artist if she started out now.

The 'If It Makes You Happy' hitmaker thinks everything is ''so brand-orientated now'' and says she ''couldn't stomach'' the idea of ''selling her life'' in order to make popular music.

She said: ''Everything is so brand-orientated [now]. You practically have to prostitute your personal life in order to have people interested in you - and then hope they like your music. If I had to come out now, I know I wouldn't [succeed]. I couldn't stomach the scrutiny selling my life in order for someone to care about my songs.''

And Sheryl doesn't think the ''traditional'' song exists anymore.

She added: ''There aren't really very many songs anymore in the popular world - it's more beats and top-lines. I really love the tradition of songwriting and rocking out so you know it is what it is. I still love the kind of music I listened to my whole life.''

The 56-year-old singer desperately wanted her most recent release 'Be Myself' to feel ''authentic''.

She told New Zealand's Stuff: ''I wanted to make a record that felt authentic and that had the spunk and the spontaneity of the old records. We literally went in and a month later come out with something that's inspired by what's happening here in America and the urgency that I felt being a mom of two kids who are going to inherit the mess that we've created. But it is also fun. It's a very celebratory record, it's upbeat and it talks about social media and how difficult that is to navigate.''