Sheryl Crow is ''at peace'' with 'Threads' ''more than likely'' being her last album.

The country music superstar has ''loved'' making all 10 of her studio albums but she feels its pointless to put all the effort into a whole body of work when music fans ''cherry-pick songs'' on streaming platforms.

The 'All I Wanna Do' hitmaker said it felt ''right'' to go out on a high with a career-spanning record with A-list collaborations.

Speaking to, she admitted: ''I think more than likely it will be my last album.

''I'm really at peace about that. I have loved my career, I don't feel like my career is over, but I feel like things have just changed so drastically.

''I've loved making records, I've loved producing, but I feel like for the love and the time and the emotion that goes into creating an artistic statement, a full body of work, that now with technology people kind of just cherry-pick songs, and it seems sort of futile to me.

''And this just felt like the right project to go out on: a project that is a timeline from my earliest years all the way up until now and even into the future.''

The upcoming duets LP, released on August 30, features Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks and Maren Morris on 'Prove You Wrong', Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples on 'Live Wire', plus songs with Eric Clapton, Sting and Willie Nelson.

Sheryl first admitted 'Threads' may be her final album at the CMT Music Awards in Nashville, earlier this month, where she explained: ''It's very collaborative. I actually called in a lot of my friends who inspired me forever.

''It may be my final album, so I am going out big.

''I grew up in the age where people made albums.

''But now, I think people do playlists and they will only hear one of two songs off a full-length album that you tried to make a full artistic statement. I kind of like the idea now of just putting out songs.''

However, the 57-year-old superstar reassured her fans that she will still release singles.

She added: ''[This will] not [be] my last music, but probably my last album project as a whole.''