The All I Wanna Do singer graduated from Kennett High School in 1980, and briefly embarked on a career as a teacher before pursuing her dreams of finding fame as a musician.

She headed back to class earlier this month (Feb16) to show her appreciation to each of the facility's 36 teachers by presenting them all with a cheque for $600 (£416).

Sheryl's generous donation was made possible with the help of officials at, a non-profit U.S. organisation, which aims to provide financial aid to educators who, on average, spend $600 of their own money to provide their students with classroom supplies.

The star's visit was captured on camera for America's Today show, which aired on Monday (08Feb16), and she reveals the financial gift was personal for her, as she hails from a family of teachers.

"I know first-hand how much hard work goes into being a teacher, but I also know how big of an impact teachers have on the lives and futures of their students," Sheryl said in a statement.

"Thanks to and the financial support of Farmers Insurance, we were able to make a meaningful difference for the amazing teachers at Kennett High School while also showing viewers of The TODAY Show just how easy it can be to do the same for teachers in their own communities."

During the Today show appearance, Sheryl admitted her school teachers really encouraged her music dreams and she credits them with helping to put her on the path to success.

"I know these towns are all the way across America that send kids out believing they can do whatever they want in this giant world, and I was really that kid," she gushed.