So here's an interesting development in the on-going saga between the US Anti-Doping Agency, federal officials and seven-time Tour de France winning cycling Lance Armstrong: Sheryl Crow might be the key to it all! Until recently Armstrong has gone down as one of the greatest cyclists of all time after fighting back from cancer to take the notoriously difficult cycling road race's famous yellow jersey on seven occasions. However, he's had to face accusations of doping all the while, and those calls have been so strong, from the Usada in particular, that he's given up fighting his name, though still insisting his innocence - something seen by many as an admission of guilt nonetheless, done so in a way as to not lose too much face.
Sheryl Crow 's involvement has been made public by the New York Daily News, who've revealed that federal officials interviewed her last year regarding Armstrong's suspected doping. Crow dated the 40 year-old for three years at the beginning of the millennium, with the pair even engaged at one point, and as such it's assume that she was fully aware of any illicit activity on his part.
Crow was interviewed in 2011, not long before a grand jury probe into Armstrong's dealings was abruptly dropped with no charges being made - maybe she had more information for them that would've changed their case? If the singer does know anything, it's likely she'll have to confess, and it'll add to the tide of evidence that now suggests that one of the once most looked up to sportsmen of all time, is set for an almighty fall, possibly taking the sport of cycling with him.