Sheryl Crow hasn't ruled out having children naturally.

The 48-year-old singer -who adopted her oldest son, Wyatt, now three, as she was recovering from breast cancer, and her second son, five-month-old Levi James, earlier this year - admits she would have loved to go through pregnancy, but doesn't necessarily think it is vital to raising a family.

Sheryl said: "I would have loved to have gone through the whole experience of pregnancy myself - and it's not impossible that that couldn't happen still - but I didn't feel like I needed to bring another kid into the world just to satisfy my own needs to become a mom when there were already so many kids in the world that needed one."

The 'All I Wanna Do' hitmaker had few criteria when searching for an infant to adopt, but she did request the process would be a closed one, where the natural parents would receive no information about her.

She explained to The Guardian newspaper: "I said I would take whichever baby I was supposed to have. My philosophy was that souls find each other; you don't end up with the wrong child.

"It would be extremely hard for a mother to watch the child she gave away then grow up in the magazines."