A man who threatened to shoot the country singer Sheryl Crow has had a three-year restraining order slapped on him, according to the Bbc. Phillip Gordon Sparks didn't singularly target Crow, also angling for Hollywood film executive Harvey Weinstein, and has subsequently agreed to stay more than 300 metres away from both at all times. We don't know much about sniper rifles, but we reckon he could possibly still get them from that distance.
In an odd claim, Sparks reckoned that the pair had stolen some $7.5 million from him and left him homeless, with Crow and Weinstein apparently following him and videotaping him without permission. He was dismissed, perhaps unsurprisingly, as delusional. Neither Crow or Weinstein were at the hearing, although the former had sent in a signed declaration that stated she was "fearful" of the 50 year-old, who has two sons aged just five and two.
It's the last stress Crow in particular needs, really, given that the star was diagnosed with a brain tumor recently. She'd previously had breast cancer, and only received the all-clear from that in 2006. Thankfully this time round the tumor is benign and will not require surgery, although Crow will continue to be monitored in case it does begin to grow.