The country singer has teamed up with Home Shopping Network (HSN) on a range of chic garments inspired by pieces in her own closet. Featuring T-shirts, jeans and jackets, Sheryl had a clear vision in mind when designing her soon-to-launch collection, priced between $39.90 (£32.80) and $299.90 (£238.90).

“I wanted it to be just like my music - I wanted it to be real and authentic,” she explained to PeopleStyle of the venture, due to launch in April (17). “I didn’t want to make something up that I would never even wear. This stuff is very inspired by the vintage rock T-shirts and has a good rock n’ roll vibe – it’s the kind of stuff I wear every day. I loved being able to go in and say, ‘What if we took this jacket with this sleeve…’ and I wanted to be sure that the T-shirt material was good!”

The Soak Up the Sun hitmaker admits her wardrobe is “ridiculous” with the amount of stuff in it, including all her stage outfits from over the years. It was only her favourite pieces which played a part in her HSN offerings, with Sheryl sharing one of her most-treasured garments.

“I have an old lace – it’s like a robe but it’s not a robe – it’s like a duster that Stevie Nicks gave me and it’s just unbelievably astounding, probably my most precious piece,” she smiled. “I’ve worn it in photoshoots before and I could put it on with a (vest) and a pair of Levis and it’s so beautiful.”

Another blast from the past found in the 55-year-old’s closet is a yellow cut-out Cavalli dress she wore to the Grammy Awards in 2005, though she was embarrassed when someone else arrived in the same design but in peach.

“Ugh, if I could go back and undo that!” she laughed.