Sheryl Crow uses ''bribery'' to stop her sons spending too much time on their electronic devices.

The 55-year-old singer is mother to Wyatt, 10, and Levi, seven, and whist she has her own tips and tricks when it comes to limiting the time they spend playing video games, she admits she often resorts to bribery when she wants her brood to do as they're told.

Asked how she monitors screen time, the 'If It Makes You Happy' singer said: ''If you read 30 minutes, you can have 30 minutes on your iPad. I do feel you can easily get lazy as a parent by enjoying that time to yourself while they're spending two hours in front of video games. I crack the whip.

''There is a lot of bribery in my house. I'm a strong proponent. With food I'll be like, 'If you eat this, you can have that.' And now it's over whether they get to watch 'Phineas and Ferb'.''

When her brood isn't using an electronic device, however, the 'Soak Up the Sun' hitmaker insists they both follow in their mother's footsteps as they're both ''really into music''.

She said: ''They're really into music. They both are taking piano lessons. Now they're getting to that stage where they're learning all the music and they're just too cool for school.''

Sheryl loves to ''share new things'' with her sons, and is especially proud of her youngest son Levi, who recently took the training wheels off of his bicycle.

When asked what the most rewarding thing about being a mother is, she said told Us Weekly magazine: ''Well one of the greatest things - and I'm fresh off the road with my kids - is sharing new things with them. My seven year old finally got off of his training wheels. He never wanted to. We went on the road and my bass player took him out and got him off his training wheels. So to be able to share what it feels like to be on a bicycle and having that freedom was amazing. It was a great summer because of that.''