Singer Songwriter Sheryl Crow has released her new album, entitled, 100 Miles From Memphis. Crow has recently adopted a second child, and has revealed how her family life has affected her career, she told the Associated Press, "Having one is like having one, having two is like having 20. But like I said, it's double the love. It just gets bigger and bigger. My son is really loving having a little brother. He feels like he came into our lives for him, which is the way I want him to feel. It's only changing insofar as when you're on tour; obviously, it's about creating a home on a tour bus. Wyatt is very adapted to that, and Levi is just a baby. He doesn't know anything different".
The singer's last album was 2008's Detours, which Crow also says contained personal influences, admitting "your life always influences your art or informs your art, and the last record, I felt a real sense of urgency about that record, about the themes on that record."
Crow was previously engaged to cyclist Lance Armstrong, and battled breast cancer in 2006. She is currently on a world tour in support of 100 Miles From Memphis, the tour is due to continue until 24th October 2010.