Cancer fighter Sheryl Crow, Billy Joel and Lenny Kravitz will join Sting at this year's (06) Rainforest Foundation Fund Benefit Concert in New York. The Woodstock-themed Carnegie Hall show is such a big deal in the Big Apple this year that the Empire State Building will glow 'environmental' green as a tribute. The stars of the show on 19 May (06) will pick iconic hippie anthems from the 1968 and 1969 summers of love and perform them on the night. Show producer Trudie Styler, who is married to headliner Sting, says, "We have chosen a different theme for each of the 14 shows over the years, but what they have all shared in common is that they have celebrated some of the most inspiring music of our changing times. "This year's choice of songs of 1968 and the iconic Woodstock summer of 1969 takes us back to a time of activism and calls to peace proliferating through music. "The evening will be packed with nostalgia and fun, not least because of the amazing artists who will be performing. It will also be a fitting reminder that we have to fight for the safety of our planet, and of the ongoing battle to preserve our fragile and precious ecosystem."