Sheryl Crow is proud of her young son's environmental awareness - she's already taught little WYATT to save water.
The All I Wanna Do hitmaker is a keen environmentalist, and supported the recent World Water Day with a special concert in New York.
And she's keen for her son Wyatt, who she adopted in 2007, to learn to care for the planet.
Crow says, "I was raised with this idea that you leave the campground better than how you found it. We were brought up to shut off the water when we were brushing our teeth, only ran the dishwasher when it was stuffed, never took 45-minute showers. I have a little boy now, so my concern is what kind of planet are we leaving.
"My little boy is worried about flushing the toilet - we're already starting, at two-and-a-half. He already knows not to flush the toilet unless, you know, you have to."