Singer Sheryl Crow has banned gossip magazines from her household - because she refuses to witness the exploitation of celebrities at their lowest points in life.
The All I Wanna Do hitmaker endured a turbulent year after she was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in February 2006 and later faced a break-up with champion cyclist Lance Armstrong.
And Crow - who has since recovered from the disease - was so hurt by the paparazzi who hunted her down in her darkest days she has now instituted a "no tabloid" rule in her home.
She says, "It's a hazard of the job, I guess. When I got diagnosed and my relationship fell apart, it was an intrusion to have photographers trying to get a picture of what I looked like when I was at my lowest low, knowing that people can't wait to buy it.
"I'm happy for my nanny to have all that stuff, but she's keeping them at her place."