Sheryl Crow has been kicked out of Fleetwood Mac before her career with the supergroup even began.
The rocker was invited to join the group by guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, and spoke openly about the thrill of singing alongside Stevie Nicks - but now Crow won't be a part of the Don't Stop hitmakers' 2009 tour plans.
Buckingham, who confirms Crow did meet with the members of Fleetwood MAC to discuss the possibility of touring with them, says the matter "kinda got out of hand," telling the idea "just kind of lost its momentum".
He explains, "I think with Stevie... maybe, to some degree, there was a little too much testosterone onstage when we went out (on tour) in 2003, and I think the band was looking to kind of balance that out a little bit (by inviting Crow on tour).
"I think the good side has been, for Stevie, she came to a point of clarity where she realised the most appropriate thing we could do as a band was to create what needs to be created in the context of the four of us."