Sheryl Crow was devastated after learning she had breast cancer, but is grateful to the experience for making her re-evaluate what was important in her life. The All I Wanna Do singer broke off her engagement to Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong on 4 February (06) and was diagnosed with the deadly disease 16 days later (20FEB06). The 44-year-old was shocked by her bad luck: "I thought, 'This is just one crummy joke!' "I was like, 'Wait a minute! How can this be? You've got the wrong person!' "But that's the way it happened. I was so shocked. Obviously lots of tears. All of us were in shock. Time really stood still." Crow had spent her lifetime nurturing others and decided that it was time to start looking after herself. She adds, "There were just aspects of my life I had to look at say, 'What is this telling me? What is this wake-up call about? It's about showing up for yourself.' "I wrote a song a few years ago called EVERY DAY IS A WINDING ROAD. "People go through challenging moments of losing people and having their lives threatened from illness and real grief, but they get through it. "That's a testament to the human spirit."