Sheryl Crow went political with her new album DETOURS following her run-in with U.S. chief of staff Karl Rove last year (07). The campaigning singer was inspired to pen tracks including God Bless This Mess and Make It Go Away (Radiation Song) following the infamous White House dinner bust-up, which was sparked by her asking Rove to discuss the American government's climate change policy. During the incident, Rove demanded Crow not touch him after she grabbed his arm. Crow reportedly replied, "You can't speak to us like that, you work for us," and Rove is then said to have retorted, "I don't work for you, I work for the American people." The headline-making fall out pushed Crow into recording the politically-charged Detours. She tells Rolling Stone, "I'm shaking even talking about it again. I feel like I got his stink on me. "To have someone bring you to a height of your anger and frustration, and to be shot down that way - it was a pivotal moment for me. It became the impetus for making this record so political.