Sheryl Crow has testified in a New York courtroom that she felt "nervous, chaotic and alarmed" during a run-in with an alleged stalker last year (03).

Crow, 42, took the stand yesterday morning (22NOV04) to testify against Ambrose Kappos, 38, a former Navy diver accused of stalking and burglary after allegedly breaking into the dressing room of New York's Hammerstein Ballroom, where the singer was performing in October.

PEOPLE magazine reports that Crow avoided eye contact with Kappos as she explained the incident leading up to Kappos' arrest on 6 October, during a sound check at the concert venue.

She told the courtroom, "Just after sound check I saw someone leaning against the wall. Usually people have passes or are doing something - not just standing there. He was a complete stranger."

Crow said she didn't know that anything serious had gone wrong until she was pushed into her limousine by her manager.

She added, "I walked outside the artist's entrance heading out to the limo. I came out to the car and all of a sudden, there's chaos. My manager pushed me into the car, he told me, 'Get into the car! Get into the car!'"

"I felt nervous, chaotic, and alarmed."

Crow left the courtroom immediately after her testimony, and missing a videotaped questioning of Kappos. In the video, Kappos claimed that he and Crow are "spiritual twins".

Kappos allegedly hounded the singer for a year, prompting Crow to take a restraining order against him.

23/11/2004 02:37