Breast cancer survivor Sheryl Crow turned to celebrity pals and family when seven weeks of radiotherapy took its toll and left her at her lowest point during her cancer battle. The singer/songwriter admits she was confined to her Los Angeles home as fatigue and pain set in during her treatment earlier this year (06). But advice from the late DANA REEVE and visits from pals like Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox helped her get through her worst days. Crow reveals her cancer blues were worsened as she also tried to cope with her much-publicised break-up from boyfriend Lance Armstrong. She says, "I was forced to be in my house, I had my friends around, I was tired a lot and also I was going through, obviously, the trauma I was going through before I was diagnosed and so all of it culminated at the same time and really forced me to just work my way through all of it. "I remember seeing Dana Reeve and somebody asking her how do you get through all this grief and she said, `The only way to get through grief is to grieve, and so that's just kinda what I did.' I just sat with it and worked my way through it." And Crow credits her former FRIENDS pals for coming to her aid: "I had this incredible tribe of women just descend upon me and carry me through the whole experience on their backs and also my family took shifts coming out (to visit me)."