Rocker Sheryl Crow shocked her tour-mate John Mayer by appearing onstage in a skimpy bikini, one day after he surprised her by dressing up in a bear costume. On the final stop of their six-week tour, Crow got her revenge and came out on stage during Mayer's set sporting a sexy lilac-coloured bikini to purposely distract him. Mayer wanted to play a practical joke on the star on the night before and when the singer called him to the stage to join her in singing MY FAVOURITE MISTAKE as per usual, he stunned her by appearing in a hairy bear suit. He writes on his official blog, "She was forced to sing while taking it all in; that not only was she about to forget the words to half of the second verse, but the gaggle of press photographers allowed to shoot the first three songs of her set were snapping away at our every move." Crow then hit back the next night by appearing in the sexy bikini twirling a baton. Mayer posted a series of pictures of Crow in her bikini on his blog, along with a serious mission statement about his alma mater, the Berklee College of Music, as a joke. The DAUGHTERS singer also took the opportunity to post a heartfelt thank you to his tour-mate writing, "I hope you realise, even if for a fleeting moment just once a day, that everything you've ever hoped you would be, you are."