Sheryl Crow regrets hitting the road so soon after battling cancer earlier this year (06) - because singing her old hits left her with mixed feelings. The rocker was still emotionally drained when she performed onstage for the first time after her radiation treatment and feels she should have waited because she came close to becoming a mess in front of fans. But it wasn't the songs Crow wrote about her romance with ex-fiance Lance Armstrong on new album WILDFLOWER that left her tearing up - it was classics from years ago. In her first full TV interview following her cancer scare, Crow told CNN host Larry King, "I probably went out a little bit too early in relation to having finished radiation; I was still a little bit fatigued. "It was some of the older songs that really made me feel melancholy about my life in general - songs like HOME and songs like STRONG ENOUGH TO BE MY MAN. "Going back out and feeling so different about who I am now and singing those old songs was a little bit bittersweet. "We did a really small gig in New York for a TV network... We did a nice long soundcheck and I felt great and then when I walked out I felt like I didn't have any clothes on. It was bizarre. I was completely overwhelmed." But now Crow is thrilled to be playing live again: "Playing, for me now, it feels different; I feel like it's very celebratory and I'm actually able to sort of embrace and accept the amount of love that's coming at me."