Cancer survivor Sheryl Crow used her own experiences to reach out to actress Christina Applegate when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
The rocker underwent surgery to rid her body of the disease in 2006, and decided to offer her support and provide a "sounding board" for the Samantha Who? star after she revealed she had a double mastectomy following her diagnosis in July (08).
Crow tells, "I knew Christina, it was less about the celebrity aspect of it and more about the experience of already having it. It's daunting to have to go through getting the prognosis. It's just nice to have a sounding board."
And Crow admits her own battle with cancer has made her stronger.
She explains, "Breast cancer helped me put myself first in life. Once I stepped out of radiation, I had to remember that the only person who could take care of me was me. I'd better do that before I take care of everybody else, instead of everybody else first."