Rocker Sheryl Crow has hinted she split up with cycling hero Lance Armstrong because the Tour De France champion refused to change for her. The couple shocked fans when they announced they had split earlier this year (06), just six months after becoming engaged, and now Crow is celebrating her successful breast cancer battle by revealing all about her broken romance in a new TV interview. Crow sat down with US newswoman Diane Sawyer to tape a chat for breakfast show Good Morning America, which airs today (06JUL06) and tomorrow (07JUL06), and insisted she's not bitter about the break-up. She told Sawyer, "I'm not angry. I mean, honestly, I look at it and I just know that I can't be angry at Lance for being who he is. He's a great person." Crow also uses the interview to clear up reports that cancer survivor Armstrong dumped the rocker when he discovered she had been diagnosed with the disease. When asked if the rumours are true, she shook her head and said, "No, no."