Beloved U.S. Tv star Sherman Hemsley will be able to rest in peace after Texas officials ruled his half-brother cannot dig up the late actor's remains and re-bury him in Pennsylvania.

Hemsley, who died in July, 2012 at the age of 74, was eventually laid to rest by his business manager and "beloved partner" Flora Enchinton Bernal in El Paso, Texas, amid a battle over his remains between her and Richard Thornton, who shared a father with the actor.

As Hemsley's bona-fide next of kin, Thornton was given authority over the actor's remains and announced he wanted to have the star's body taken from a funeral home in El Paso to be buried in his home state of Pennsylvania, but Bernal, who applied to probate the will, buried Hemsley.

Thornton has been fighting ever since to exhume the body and bury his brother in Pennsylvania, but officials at a Texas appeals court have now ruled, "Our decision could not have any practical legal effect on the existing controversy because interment has already taken place."