Sheridan Smith has paid tribute to her late father Colin Smith on his birthday (13.06.19) after being ''locked out'' of Instagram for a year.

The 37-year-old singer-and-actress posted a series of snaps with her parent - who passed away at the age of 80 in 2016 after battling cancer - and said he ''must be looking down on [her]'' as she was able to login to the social media app for the first time in 12 months on his birthday.

Alongside the sweet pictures of the pair, the former 'Gavin and Stacey' star wrote: ''Oh today is such a good day! Not only would it have been my dad's birthday but he must be looking down on me as I've been locked out my Instagram for a year and finally after trying everything, it worked today!''

The 'Cilla' star also posted a picture of herself in gym wear sitting on the pavement on her Instagram Stories, and captioned the post: ''Missed you crazy cats.''

Sheridan was left devastated when her beloved father died and she previously admitted losing her dad sparked a ''massive meltdown'' that resulted in her ''losing the plot''.

She said: ''I kind of lost the plot after that and had a massive meltdown.

''I ran away. There's that kind of northern, 'Keep calm and carry on' vibe - we're all like that.

''I feel I've come out the other side now.''

Colin's tragic death came 27 years after Sheridan's beloved brother Julian died of cancer when he was just 18 years old - the actress was just eight at the time.

Speaking about her loss, the blonde star said: ''Of course I've been affected by my brother's death ... It makes me value life, cherish my loved ones and be grateful for every day I have with them. Cancer affects one in three of us and every single one of us either knows someone who has been affected by it or has experienced it first-hand. And yet it's treated as a taboo subject.''