Sheridan Smith ''lost her mind'' when her father died.

The 36-year-old actress lost her dad, Colin, in December last year and the star has admitted the loss really hit her hard, although she believes the heartbreaking moment has made her stronger.

Speaking in a one-off television show named 'Sheridan', which aired on ITV on Sunday (05.11.17), and saw the blonde beauty speak out about moments in her life and career, but also sings a variety of songs and covers of hit tracks, she said: ''I lost my mind a bit.

''Everyone can relate, because everyone has been through that type of thing. You can't choose when it happens but you come out the other side stronger.''

And the 'Cilla' star has revealed her late parent is who she compares her potential lovers to, as he set the ''bar so high'' for how a male should be.

Speaking to Alexander Armstrong, she said: ''My dad set the bar so high because he was so funny.''

But the star has admitted her love life is a ''disaster'' and she struggles to find love because of her busy work schedule, and because she believes she can be '' a handful''.

She explained: ''It's such a disaster when it comes to relationships. I am a workaholic, and I have found people don't tend to enjoy that when you are always out working.''

Asked what qualities she looks for in a beau, the 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps' star said: ''Someone who can put up with me because I'm a handful, and mainly someone who can make me laugh''.

And Sheridan has admitted if she was to tie the knot in the future she would love nothing more than to have her hen party at Dollywood theme park in Tennessee, because she is obsessed with the 'Islands in the Stream' hitmaker.

She explained: ''If I got married my hen party would be at Dollywood. I think I'd cry if I met her.

''That is my fancy dress outfit. And my karaoke song is '9 to 5'.''

And Sheridan is so in awe of the busty blonde she would love to portray her in a biopic or musical based on the music legend.

She explained: ''I would love to play Dolly Parton. I'd have to lose some weight here, and get some knockers. She is amazing.''