Sheridan Smith is engaged.

The 'Cilla' star is reportedly set to tie the knot with Jamie Horn, who she met on dating app Tinder just three months ago.

A source said: ''Sheridan is head over heels in love. Jamie is very serious about her. He has introduced Sheridan to his mum already. He bought her a ring to propose, a very expensive one actually, it's about £10,000.She doesn't wear the ring on her finger, she's got a necklace. She wears it there because she doesn't want people to see that she's got a ring.''

The couple have moved ''so fast'' but they are very ''serious'' about their relationship.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper: ''Things moved so fast between them. She moved out of her house in Crouch End, North London to move into a rented pad that she thought was perfect for them. Jamie has been driving her expensive white Mercedes sports car and is very much a fixture in her life.

''Sheridan wants to be with him whenever possible, including at work. They've even bought a dog together, which shows how serious she is about marrying him. They can't wait to have their first holiday together just them on a beach for the next fortnight.''

The happy news comes after Sheridan admitted men make her ''crazy''.

After singing Gnarls Barkley's song 'Crazy' at London's Royal Albert Hall, she said: ''So guys I obviously sang that song because it's been quite well documented that I lost my mind for a couple of years. Do you know what really makes me crazy? I think you will understand, or I hope you girls will, but men, they send me up the wall. But it's true they play games don't they? And I don't mean KerPlunk. They play head games.''