Shemar Moore, who plays Special Agent Derek Morgan on CBS's Criminal Minds, has told TV Guide Online that Geena Davis is likely to succeed Mandy Patinkin on the series. Moore was critical of Patinkin's abrupt decision to leave the show. "No warning, no nothing. We all showed up to work Day One, and he didn't. ... He essentially just slapped us in the face." Moore seemed to confirm the official news release attributing Patinkin's exit to "creative differences." He said, "Sometimes the content of what we did would affect him more some days than others." Moore said that he expected Patinkin's career to take a hit as a result of the walk-out, pointing out that the actor/singer had done the same thing on Chicago Hope in 1995. "He did it once, OK. This one's going to sting a little bit. At least it should sting. Bottom line is, he didn't show up to work -- with no warning. He didn't tell anybody."