Vivian Kubrick began the initiative on Friday (18Nov16), hours before Duvall was scheduled to appear on an episode of America's Dr. Phil show.

Vivian took aim at host Dr. Phil MCGraw earlier this week (beg14Nov16) after a trailer for the interview with a clearly confused Duvall first aired, and called on viewers to boycott the show.

Launching her GoFundMe campaign, the filmmaker's daughter told The Hollywood Reporter, "I just think she deserves a great deal more respect. I am just trying to collect as much money as I can."

Vivian explained she would be seeking professional financial advice before distributing the funds to the 67-year-old actress, suggesting she may create a trust fund for Duvall, and she is also seeking health insurance through the Screen Actors Guild.

At press time, Kubrick's campaign had raised over $7,300 (GBP5,930).

During her appearance on the Dr. Phil show, Duvall told MCGraw she believes her Popeye co-star, the late Robin Williams, is still alive - and she often sees him, stating, "I don't think he's dead... (He is) shape shifting."

Shelley also told Dr. Phil she's worried doctors who might attempt to treat her mental illness will try to kill her.

Vivian Kubrick isn't the only person appalled by TV bosses' decision to air MCGraw's interview with Duvall - Mia Farrow and her broadcaster son Ronan have also accused the self-help guru and his producers of taking advantage of a sick person for ratings.

At the end of the episode, MCGraw revealed Duvall is currently receiving treatment from "a group of local professionals who, due to her refusal to take medication, will use alternative methods to treat her."