Late British actor JOHN THAW was stalked by an obsessive female fan who claimed he fathered her child, according to his widow Sheila Hancock.

The star of 1990s TV series Inspector Morse, who died aged 60 from cancer in February 2002, was hounded by one woman in particular who would follow him around London.

Hancock says, "He received 20-page letters and long rambling tapes. They got more and more odd, culminating in her accusing him of fathering her child, presumably by post...

"She changed her name by deed poll to Thaw and took to journeying to London and lying in wait for him."

The actress did attempt to organise a meeting between her husband and the fan but "somehow she slipped past the doorman.

"She was tiny and wearing a red mac. He leaped out of his skin when he saw what he thought was the homicidal dwarf from the film DON'T LOOK NOW."

04/10/2004 17:18