Sheila Hancock's love of fast cars got the veteran British actress into trouble when she was slapped with a speeding ticket.

The stage and screen star admits she is a motoring fanatic and has even owned a string of classic British cars including several Jaguars and Mgs.

Her recent fine has not stopped her love of driving and the actress has even sat an advanced road test to improve her motoring skills.

She tells U.K. talk show host Alan Titchmarsh, "I love cars, I love fast cars. I don't go over the limit. Mind you, I did get done for speeding just recently. But on the whole I behave...

"I love every minute of it. I love being shut in my car with Radio 3 or Classic Fm (on) and nobody can get at me... I just have the most wonderful time in my car, I love it. I did an advance driving test and I advise everybody to do it because it makes driving so pleasurable."