Soul singer Sheila Ferguson is planning to tell all about her friendship with British royal Charles, Prince Of Wales in an autobiography.

The Three Degrees singer will disclose secrets about their relationship when she pens her book in a bid to dispel rumours they were romantically involved back in the 1970s.

She says, "The press have always speculated that something went on between me and Charles... I don't care how many times I deny it, they always write it. Until my book comes out they're not going to know the truth, which is that we were never intimate at all. I will explain why when I write it, and it's very complicated.

"Charles and I got on so well because we come from such different backgrounds. When he's one-on-one, he's got such a great sense of humour but he's always a gentleman. He's a nice guy. We did a lot for charity. Obviously once he got married (to Diana, Princess of Wales in 1981) there was no contact unless it was about business or an event or whatever."