Former ALL SAINTS singer Shaznay Lewis has slammed her former bandmates for deliberately leaving her out of their flop film debut HONEST.

The PURE SHORES beauty was horrified when she discovered fellow Saints Melanie Blatt, Nicole Appleton and Natalie Appleton had auditioned and won parts in the DAVE STEWART-directed heist movie by reading the papers.

And Shaznay - who is now launching her solo career - cites the deception as the prime reason she now avoids all contact with the Appleton sisters.

She fumes, "The upsetting part for me was that I found out at the same time you all did.

"I remember clearly the day they were obviously going off to do the screen test; we were in the studio in the middle of writing. They suddenly got up and were like, 'Okay, we've got to go somewhere.' 'Where?' 'Oh, we've got to go.

"Some bull**** about a doctor's appointment or something. And after a few days, it's come out that they're doing a film with Dave Stewart. I felt like a fool."

21/06/2004 10:13