Shayne Ward had an allergic reaction to a Santa suit that left him vomiting.

The 'Coronation Street' actor is thankful he has never had a disastrous Christmas but the worst thing that has happened to him during the festive season was his unusual response to the dressing up costume.

Asked if he's ever had a Christmas disaster, he said: ''No but I once wore a Santa's outfit from America that gave me a weird reaction.

''I had to take it off and I was throwing up.''

Shayne, 32, shot to fame when he won the 'X Factor' in 2005 and admits he always associates the Christmas period with his stint on the show because he was crowned the winner in late December.

He said: ''December 17, 2005. 'Over the Rainbow' was my final song on 'The X Factor' and it was a brilliant moment for me.

''It's crazy but it was one of the most amazing times I've had. I loved it on there.''

Singing and acting are both very different professions but the 'That's My Goal' hitmaker enjoys both aspects.

He said: ''I like both. Singing is a huge passion of mine but acting is a completely different challenge.

''With a script, you do it once and it's gone.

''It's a different mindset and I love that.''

Shayne previously expressed a desire to become 'Coronation Street's biggest heartthrob.

Speaking about his role, which saw him secure the National Television Awards' Best Newcomer gong, he shared: ''It would be mint to play a heartthrob. I just love any type of challenge and roles because every day I'm learning, I'm watching, observing all the actors. That's the great thing about it. I'll have anything thrown at me. I'd like to give everything I possibly can and push myself as much as I can. I want to be thrown from pillar to post by women.''