Rapper Shawty Lo has urged fans to campaign against Tv bosses' decision to axe his reality show All My Babies' Mamas.

The controversial programme caused uproar before it even aired due to its focus on the hip-hop star's unconventional family life, which includes 11 children with 10 different women.

Critics from the African-American community claimed the pilot episode portrayed black families in a negative light, and chiefs at the Oxygen network responded by shelving the project.

Now Shawty Lo has called on Tv executives to go forward with All My Babies' Mamas so he can prove his detractors wrong.

He tells U.S. radio broadcaster Hot 107.9, "Yeah, I really understand. They have the right to think that, but at least give the show a chance, to see what's goin' on. They makin' (sic) their assumptions off a 13-minute trailer and this (is) like the biggest news around the world right now and it's unbelievable.

"My show is not about no negative (sic); it's a positive. But if they (fans) wanna see the show, sign a petition."