Shawn Mendes has admitted you need to ''make time'' for a relationship.

The 20-year-old singer recently suggested he isn't ''supposed'' to be dating at the moment, but has now clarified his stance and added that he doesn't think his career should stop him finding love.

Speaking to 'Extra', he said: ''I didn't mean it like I have to be single, I meant love isn't something you should chase because then it isn't real, so you have to just kind of let it happen ...

''I don't think you ever really get too busy for a relationship. I think you make time for it 'cause that's important.''

However, Shawn's comments come after he said he was focusing on his work and pushing himself ''to his limit'' by playing as many shows as he can.

He added: ''I want to push myself to my limit of what I can handle and play as many shows and write as many songs as I can and fly around the world 10,000 times in a year, pushing myself to the point where it seems crazy.''

The 'Like To Be You' singer feels ''groundwork'' is very important in the industry.

He said recently: ''I meet a lot of people who ask, 'How do I do what you do?' and within the first 10 minutes, from the way they talk about music, I can see that as much as they want to want it, they don't. It's just something you kind of have. People forget how important groundwork is - physically being in every city, meeting people, like in a presidential campaign.''

Shawn was last romantically linked to model Hailey Baldwin after they attended the 2018 MET Gala together earlier this year, but they both insisted they were just friends.

Just weeks after the gala, Hailey rekindled her romance with Justin Bieber following their 2016 fling, and the pair got engaged a month later.