Shawn Mendes wants a television career.

The 19-year-old singer may have made a name for himself in the music industry but he has admitted he's got his sights set on switching across to the small screen after talking with James Corden - who was popular in the UK for his comedy work until expanded and became the host of the 'Late Late Show' in the US - recently.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, he said: ''I did a whole week with James.

''I admire him so much. I don't think people understand how hard his job is and the amount of work he puts in flying back from London to LA every day. I learnt so much from him doing these little skits which are just hilarious and it was just so good.''

Although he would love to launch a career in comedy, Shawn takes a different approach when it comes to his music as he prefers to tackle hard-hitting topics.

He explained: ''Transparency is everything when it comes to music. People want authenticity and when they don't get that they don't care and when they do get an authentic, real person singing how they feel, that's when the connection's made.''

During his stint on the 'Late Late Show' last week, Shawn admitted to the whole world that he'd be willing to buy Justin Bieber's dirty underpants for $500.

James, 39, said: ''You know Justin Bieber just wears a new pair of underpants every day. I think he then sells them online ... it's a complete 360. Everybody's happy.''

Shawn - who has made no secret of the fact he's a huge fan of the 'What Do You Mean?' singer in the past - then replied: ''I'd buy them.

''I'd probably cap it at like $500. Which is still a lot of money.''