Shawn Mendes has admitted he shaves his pubic hair.

The 19-year-old pop megastar has revealed he indulges in the art of ''manscaping'', as he believes it would be ''weird'' if he didn't.

Shawn made the confession during an appearance on Australian radio show 'The Edge', where he was asked a series of invasive questions, and for each one he failed to answer, radio host Chang received an electric shock.

When asked if he manscapes, the 'Mercy' singer said: ''Yeah, is that when you [trim your pubes]? Yeah, absolutely. It would be weird if I said no, or if I didn't want to answer that.''

During the game, Shawn also revealed the oldest lover he has had was 25 years old, and when asked how old he was at the time, he said 19, meaning their rendezvous was recent, as Shawn celebrated his 19th birthday in August.

However, the 'There's Nothing Holding Me Back' star refused to answer a number of the personal questions, including being asked to state his total net worth, the number of sexual partners he's had, and which is the rudest celebrity he's met.

Shawn also refused to answer when asked who the last celebrity was that he kissed, after it was reported he locked lips with model Hailey Baldwin at an after party for the MTV EMAs earlier this month.

An eyewitness at the party - which was also attended by the likes of Stormzy and Idris Elba - shared: ''The place was packed with stars but Shawn only had eyes for Hailey.

''It clearly wasn't a one-time thing. They looked like they were seriously into each other. It was a very exclusive bash and Shawn and Hailey were really enjoying themselves, spending ages French kissing.''

The duo apparently made no effort to hide their passion for each other at the bash, which ended at 6.30am.

The source added: ''They even posed for a photo with Rita Ora. It seemed like they wanted everyone to know they are an item.''