Lena Zawaideh is suing the Winter Sports hero, claiming he bombarded her with inappropriate text messages during her seven-year stint in their band, Bad Things.

She alleges the texts included photos of male genitals and female nudity.

White isn't denying he sent the texts, but insists they were posted to the drummer when they were pals, and now she's using them to get even with him.

In a statement issued through his attorney, Kerry Garvis Wright, Shaun writes: "Many years ago, I exchanged texts with a friend who is now using them to craft a bogus lawsuit. There is absolutely no coincidence to the timing of her claims, and we will defend them vigorously in court."

Lena, who formed the band with White back in 2008, was fired in 2014 and now claims she hasn't been paid for some of her work.

Among the footage she claims she was subjected to while drumming for White were "videos sexualizing human fecal matter" and she also alleges she was forced to watch a couple having sex on the corpse of a bear they had just killed.

Zawaideh also claims White once stuck his hands down his pants and then "stuck his hands in her face trying to make her smell them."

In her suit, filed by attorney Lawrance Bohm and obtained by TMZ, she claims White ran the band like a tyrant, ordering her to cut her hair and wear sexually provocative outfits, despite her protests.