Former child star Shaun Weiss has turned to crowdsourcing website to fund a stand-up comedy tour and revive his career.

The Mighty Ducks star, who portrayed Greg 'Goldie' Goldberg in the classic sports films, plans to hit the road with the cash raised and meet fans in between shows. He also hopes to film his experiences for a Tv series.

The 35 year old has even given potential donors a taste of his comedy skills in a three-minute video clip.

He says, "I'm offering some insane kind of rewards. Basically, if you invest, your reward is me. I will come to your house and you can shoot pucks at me."

Weiss also appeared in Ben Stiller's 1995 comedy Heavy Weights, and on Tv shows Boy Meets World and Freaks & Geeks, but his last credit was almost a decade ago on an episode of Las Vegas in 2005.