Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder was left with an embarrassing nut-brown complexion after undergoing three spray tans in one morning.
The pale Brit wanted a radiant glow for an appearance on a Sky TV show, so he urged his wife Joanne to use her self-bronzing kit on him.
The reformed hellraiser was convinced the colouring had failed so he demanded two more coatings of the substance - but when it finally took to his skin, he ended up a deep shade of brown.
Ryder tells U.K. TV show This Morning, "On the morning we were off to film, my missus (wife) had ordered all the spray tan gear. It came through the post that day. (I said to her) 'Give us one of them'. So she sprayed me and I went, 'No, there's nothing happening there, give me another one'. So she sprayed me again.
"(Then I said) 'Give us another one'. She went, 'Shaun, you're going to look ridiculous'. (I said) 'No, more!'. By the time I leave to go filming, I look like a conker (horse chestnut)! And an hour later I looked like a Malteser (chocolate)!"