The frontman's bass-playing brother Paul Ryder, guitarist Mark Day, and drummer Gary Whelan spoke to author Simon Spence for his 2014 history of the hard-living band, titled Excess All Areas.

However, Ryder, who released his own autobiography in 2012, can not understand why they 'gave away' their recollections of the group's heyday when they could have used his book publishing deal to release their own memoir, and he is now determined to push ahead for a "proper" biography of the band.

He tells Q magazine, "There is a plan to do a proper Mondays book. That pile of c**p that came out recently, we won't even go there, but I couldn't believe members of my band were talking to this guy when I've got a f**king international worldwide publishing deal. Why talk to that guy when you can do your own f**king book and you lot, the rest of the Mondays, could get a cheque for the rest of your life instead of talking to some guy and getting nothing?"