Sharon Stone's ex-husband has sparked a national debate in America after replacing a reporter and photographer covering San Francisco, California's same-sex marriage controversy - because they were wed.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE executive editor Phil Bronstein issued a staff memo last month (MAR04) explaining why he had taken Rachel Gordon and LIZ MANGELSDORF off a story because he felt they were too close to it.

Bronstein stated, "Chronicle journalists directly and personally involved in a major news story - one in whose outcome they also have a personal stake - should not also cover that story."

STEPHEN PETROW, the president of the NATIONAL LESBIAN + GAY JOURNALISTS ASSOCIATION, says Bronstein's decision has created a national furore.

Petrow tells gay magazine THE ADVOCATE, "Even within our own organisation there is tremendous disagreement about the Chronicle decision."

21/04/2004 09:24