Sharon Stone spent most days on the set of new movie BOBBY stunned and speechless because she couldn't believe she was rubbing shoulders with such big stars. The actress, who plays a stylist in the new movie, admits she had to playfully bully her new onscreen husband, William H Macy, because she couldn't shake her reverence towards him. She says, "You just look across the room and Bill MACy, oh my God, when he came to the set I almost passed out. "When they said, 'He's gonna play your husband I couldn't believe it. I literally had to push and become argumentative with him before I did the scenes, so I could break this reverential feeling I have about him to do the work." Stone was also impressed to be working alongside Harry Belafonte: "Harry was the very first record I ever sang to when I was a little girl, wrapped in a bath towel with a little plastic flower behind my ear and using the thing you pull the drapes with to sing into."