Actress Sharon Stone is still smarting Catherine Zeta-Jones was chosen over her to appear in a biopic of Lana Turner, insisting the silver screen star wanted her in the role.

Stone met the Peyton Place actress before her death from throat cancer in 1995 and was desperate to play her in forthcoming film STOMPANATO, which tells the story of Turner's tumultuous relationship with gangster JOHNNY STOMPANATO, who was killed by her daughter CHERYL in 1958.

Last year (05), it was announced film-maker Adrian Lyne had cast Zeta-Jones and Keanu Reeves in the movie, much to the horror of Stone.

Stone says, "You can know your job, but it seems you have to be flavour-of-the-week.

"I met Lana in her final years and liked her a great deal. She said if there was to be a film made of her life, I was her choice."